Be Bold & Go Bald


20 May 2017

The first fundraiser for 2017 was indeed BOLD by all accounts.
The act of a woman shaving her long hair was Bold
Organising a major and a successful fundraiser in a period of 10 weeks was Bold
The target amount of funds to be raised was Bold
Transforming a humble venue to that of elegance and class was Bold
The committee that took on the challenge was Bold

Nadieka de Silva, a committee member of Shanthi Foundation shaved her hair to raise funds for Shanthi Palliative Care Hospital – the first palliative care hospital in Sri Lanka. It was a simple idea, a gesture by a daughter, dedicated to her sick father to raise funds for a worthy cause.

The simple idea gathered momentum with the ambitious vision of Suharsha (Chairman of Shanthi Foundation) to be elevated to the proportions of a major fundraiser.

From the first meeting to the event date was 10 weeks. All the committee members stepped up and gave their 110% as always. Their dedication and passion spoke in volumes on the night where a record sum of AUD$199,468 was raised in donations and pledges.

Founder and Chairman Dr Suharsha Kanathigoda’s presentation on Palliative Care and the proposed hospital and its purpose was bold, clear and engaging and as always delivered with passion and commitment.

Nadieka and her father MD Seneviratne shared their stories with the guests to show their commitment to a deserving and worthy cause. Their words held sincerity and the challenges of life limiting illness for patients and their families.

Emcee for the night Senani Gunasekara executed his duties perfectly with a powerful and passionate drive for donations and pledges.

Special mention to our talented and untiring committee member Sonja Gunasekara for organising the event and Dayani Fernadopulle for adding her creative flair with the “Hair” themed decorations.

The video presentations produced by Kris Kulasekara and Chanaka Jayatilleke captured the true essence of the suffering and sad plight of the patients with life limiting illness and the dire need for a Palliative Care Hospital in Sri Lanka. The stark truth left no dry eye in the audience.


Nadieka de Silva

Committee Member of Shanthi Foundation