Clean Water for Life Project




In April 2014 Shanthi Foundation embarked on an urgent mission to supply continuous clean drinking water to school children, their families and villagers in CKDu affected areas in Sri Lanka.

Our response has been to successfully install and operate fourty (40) Reverse Osmosis Machines in schools and relegious establishments in the Northern Provinces of the country where it was most needed – ref Figure 1

We’re happy to report that we have been successfully providing clean drinking water for the last 4.5 years, free from heavy metal contamination and other toxins to over 40,000 school children, their families and local villagers in these communities. These ROMs operate 20 hours each day to supply the water required.

1 Rajawewa College
2 Wanela College
3 Madawachchiya College
4 Kivulakadawala College
5 Bogaswewa College
6 Maradanmaduwa College
7 Kalyanipura College
8 Bakmeedeniya College
9 Palugasvanguwa College
10 Raja Maha College
11 Vigneshwaran College
12 Moragollagama College
13 Abhayapura College
14 Bellankadawala College
15 Dekethipothana Primary School

16 Diggalpura Junior School
17 Etaweera Wewa Muslim College
18 Handagala College
19 Kadawathmaduwa Junior School
20 Kahabiliyawa College
21 Kalingavila Junior School
22 Katuwanwilla Junior School
23 Kegalugama Kanishta College
24 Kirimatiya Junior School
25 Kusum Pokuna Junior School
26 Mada Ethakada Senior College
27 Mada Linda Wewa Junior School
28 Medawachchiya Primary School
29 Muthugala Kanishta College
30 Padavi Aliwanguwa Primary School

31 Padavi Mahasen Primary School
32 Padavi Ruwanpura Senior College
33 Pahala Ellewewa Primary School
34 Pahala Naragaha Wewa College
35 Pihitiwewa Senior College
36 Puliyankadawala Primary School
37 Rathmale Muslim College
38 Rathmalkandiya Primary School
39 Sungavila Senior College
40 Vilpanakulama Prathmika School

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Providing & maintaining Reverse Osmosis (RO) machines in schools & villages in CKDu endemic areas in the North, East & North Central Province of Sri Lanka

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Shanthi Foundation is committed to running and maintaining the installed ROMs for the life of each machine. This can only be sustained with your continued support for the “Clean Water for Life” project.

In the coming months, Shanthi will formally announce the “ROM Maintenance Fund”  to raise funds specifically for the ongoing manitenance and contract renewals of the ROMs. This will ensure the machine will operate at peak capacity and continue providing clean drinking water to these fragile communities.

With your continued generosity and support, we will endeavour to sustain this vital program for many years to come.