Shanthi Foundation, established in 2014, is an Australian registered charity* with a vision to propagate and develop Palliative Care throughout the world.

Our mission is to educate the world on Palliative Care and in turn, provide compassion, dignity and comfort to patients with life limiting illnesses such as Cancer and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). We look to work in partnership and collaboration with Government, Non-Government agencies, General Practitioners, and other stakeholders in all countries to deliver the Palliative Care model to maximise the level of a patient’s comfort in their final stages of life.

Our Founder and Chairman, Dr Suharsha Kanathigoda is a highly distinguished Palliative Care specialist and has a deep passion for educating clinicians and other medical professionals on Palliative Care – a Basic Human Right.

* Shanthi Foundation is an Australian registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

...the last few days, hours and moments in a life matter;
just as much as the first.

‘Shanthi’, meaning PEACE

aims to propogate Palliative Care throughout the world, especially in developing nations, to give compassion, dignity and respect to all human beings with a life-limiting illness.

Shanthi Foundation runs projects and programs that focus on:

  • PREVENTION of developing a life limiting illness,
  • TREATMENT for patients that have life limiting illnesses, and
  • PALLIATIVE CARE for patients in the final stages of life

Over the last few years, Shanthi Foundation has worked closely with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health, Prime Minister’s Office and the Presidential Task Force on Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin (CKDu). We have initiated the following programs of work in affected rural areas of Sri Lanka to aid in the combat of CKDu victims.


Clean Water for Life Program

Providing clean water to over 40,000 school children and villagers in Northern, North Central, Eastern and Uva provinces of  Sri Lanka, through the installation and  maintenance of 40 Reverse Osmosis water purifiers.


Capacity Building

Trained over 800 doctors, 600 nurses and 50 allied health staff in Palliative Care in Sri Lanka and India through numerous courses and workshops.


Shanthi Community Palliative Care Nurses

Looking after patients with life limiting illnesses in their own homes through our privately funded nurses in the Northern and North Central Provinces.


Patient and Family Sponsorships

Providing a monthly grant of AUD 30 (LKR3000) to patients with a life limiting illness and their families to help with food, clothing, transport and education of children.


Organic Kenda Program

In schools in the North Central Province using native organic rice to help nutrition and to promote Organic farming.


Equipment Donation Program

Provided electric beds, wheel chairs and other essential equipment worth over AUD 300,000 to Cancer and CKDu units through out Sri Lanka.