Help us build the WORLD’S FIRST, ECO FRIENDLY Palliative Care Hospital

Our Shanthi Foundation Hospital below will be covered with bricks as they are donated

We need 100,000 bricks to reach our goal of raising $2 million dollars to build the world’s first ECO FRIENDLY Palliative Care Hospital. The money raised will provide for:

Patient beds

All relevant medical equipment

Bereavement and prayer rooms

Outpatient Clinics and Home Based Palliative Care Services

Common area for patient families and carers

Landscaped tranquil gardens promoting mindfulness

Shanthi Foundation is building the world’s first ECO Friendly purpose built Palliative Care Hospital.

This hospital will be based in Sri Lanka and will be the first of its kind.

Eco Friendly and built completely on donations!

Palliative Care is about optimizing life. It encourages the patient to live life to its fullest with dignity and comfort. It focuses on managing physical, functional, psychosocial and spiritual issues of patients diagnosed with life limiting illnesses (e.g., cancer and organ failure).

Palliative Care is the most holistic medical speciality in the world!

Palliative Care – A basic human right!

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…the last few days, hours and moments in a life matter; just as much as the first.

Join us on this historic journey

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