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Shanthi Foundation Donate a Brick

  1 BRICK = AUD 20


This program provides a monthly grant of AUD30 (LKR3,000) to patients with a life limiting illness and their families.

These funds help with medication, food, clothing, transport and education of children. The program commenced in November 2015 with 28 patients, and now provides sponsorship to 58 patients with life limiting illnesses.

Additionally, for AUD10 (LKR1,000), we provide support to the patients in this program with regular home visits from the Shanthi Community Palliative Care Nurses to help with symptoms and pain management. These nurses are also available to the patients on a needs basis in between the regular home visits.

Since commencing this program, 11 patients have succumbed to their disease whilst one patient has had a transplant and is now recovering successfully.

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In April 2014, Shanthi Foundation embarked on an urgent mission to supply continuous clean drinking water to school children, their families and villagers in CKDu (Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin) affected areas in Sri Lanka.

Our response has been to successfully install and operate 40 Reverse Osmosis Machines (ROM’s) in schools and religious establishments in the Northern Provinces of the country where it was most needed – ref Figure 1

We’re happy to report that since inception, we have been successfully providing clean drinking water free from heavy metal contamination and other toxins to over 40,000 school children, their families and local villagers in these communities. These ROMs operate 20 hours each day to supply the water required.

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1 Rajawewa College 21 Kalingavila Junior School
2 Wanela College 22 Katuwanwilla Junior School
3 Madawachchiya College 23 Kegalugama Kanishta College
4 Kivulakadawala College 24 Kirimatiya Junior School
5 Bogaswewa College 25 Kusum Pokuna Junior School
6 Maradanmaduwa College 26 Mada Ethakada Senior College
7 Kalyanipura College 27 Mada Linda Wewa Junior School
8 Bakmeedeniya College 28 Medawachchiya Primary School
9 Palugasvanguwa College 29 Muthugala Kanishta College
10 Raja Maha College 30 Padavi Aliwanguwa Primary School
11 Vigneshwaran College 31 Padavi Mahasen Primary School
12 Moragollagama College 32 Padavi Ruwanpura Senior College
13 Abhayapura College 33 Pahala Ellewewa Primary School
14 Bellankadawala College 34 Pahala Naragaha Wewa College
15 Dekethipothana Primary School 35 Pihitiwewa Senior College
16 Diggalpura Junior School 36 Puliyankadawala Primary School
17 Etaweera Wewa Muslim College 37 Rathmale Muslim College
18 Handagala College 38 Rathmalkandiya Primary School
19 Kadawathmaduwa Junior School 39 Sungavila Senior College
20 Kahabiliyawa College 40 Vilpanakulama Prathmika School


We commenced the program in November 2015 in Moragollagama Primary School, Maha Elagamuwa Kekirawa in Sri Lanka. The kids receive the organic kenda twice a week and we have seen positive results with this program. The school has been able to create a few scholarship holders since the inception of this program. Absenteeism levels declined and there have been no student collapses during morning assemblies since the commencement of the program.

The Kenda is prepared with water free of any toxins obtained from a Reverse Osmosis Machine which has already been installed by Shanthi Foundation in the school.

In schools in the Northern Central Province of Sri Lanka, using native organic rice helps nutrition and also promotes organic farming.

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